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Weekly Digest 22nd September

This week we bring some more stories and a scientist's profile. 

1) Reducing aircraft noise and improving airconditioning

A new “nozzle”, a device used in aeroplanes, can reduce the noise levels in our airports and boost the performace of aeroplane engines. Developed at the Indian Institute of Science, these nozzles also have potential applications in next generation eco-friendly refrigerators and fuel cells. 

The article is to appear on 5th October 2014 in the journal of Applied Thermal Engineering

Read the complete article here.

2) A fast, portable detector for metal pollutants

A probe to detect palladium, a metal used in pharmaceuticals and to control vehicular exhaust. High levels of palladium in the environment can affect human beings and other living organisms. 

Read the complete article here.

3) An “antioxidant-like” protein to fight free radical damage in the body
A protein found in high levels in some cancer cells can be used for treating diseases caused by oxygen free radicals in the body, a recent study has found. 

Read the complete article here.

4) Learning from the past: tsunami evidences along our coasts
Turning to geologic records to understand the hazards of tsunamis. 

Read the complete article here.
5) Scientist profile: Prof. M. Vijayan. "Making the impossible possible"
Prof. Vijayan has been examining the structure of molecules that are found in living systems all his life. After playing a role in deciphering the structure of insulin at Nobel Laureate Dorothy Hodgkin’s lab at Oxford, Prof. Vijayan was “the first trained protein crystallographer to return to India, to the IISc”.

Read the complete profile here.