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Department of Materials Engineering

Materials for Shielding Microwave Radiations

Polymer based shielding materials that can block electromagnetic radiations have been developed at IISc. Developed in the Materials Engineering Department at IISc, these materials are “composites” – materials made from two or more components with very different properties. “Polymer based composites are promising materials for shielding electromagnetic radiation because of suitable properties, which can be easily controlled by using different manufacturing methods”, says the author Suryasarathi Bose.

A new behaviour in crystals discovered

Over the last few centuries, we have gained a decent understanding of nature. However, every now and then, nature plays a surprising new card to stun and intrigue. One such new observation has led to the discovery of a new behaviour operating in crystalline materials.

A compact sensor to detect harmful volatile vapor

Researchers from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, have developed a tiny gas sensor that can detect harmful gases like toluene and acetone, gases that we encounter in our daily lives. These sensors could replace the big, expensive instruments that are currently available in the market.