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Lantana could be adapting to different local habitats

The entire country offers very suitable environmental conditions for the spread of the invasive species lantana. Genetic analysis shows that the species could be adapting to different local habitat conditions. This has been published in Annals of Botany.

Lantana likes living next to streams

Lantana is an alien invasive plant species that was introduced in India about 200 years ago. Finding ways to control its proliferation is still a challenge for both scientists and forest managers. A recent study has shone light on the conditions under which lantana proliferates.

Even in stable tropical rainforests, trees dance to the tune of the environment

A cross-continental study including over 2 million trees from about 4000 species has found that among the factors that affect how forest communities change over time, variation in environmental conditions like temperature, rainfall and fire is the most important. The study shows for the first time that forest communities respond to environmental variation over a decade or two; not over thousands of years as previously thought.